Contour and Chemo

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Hospitals and glamour are two words that don’t mix. It’s kind of hard to slay while getting radiation.

But make-up artist Norman Freeman is looking to change that.

Norman, who suffers from alopecia, knows first hand how losing your hair can impact your confidence. In fact, not having hair made him the target of bullies and even made him feel suicidal. To make sure no one else has to feel the way he did, he’s launched a hospital tour to give makeovers to cancer patients.

In a self-funded effort, Freeman takes his makeup kit to hospitals around the country to contour and highlight girls and women in treatment to glamorous perfection. He makes sure to draw in sleek brows and gives his models beautiful pouts—even if they’re wearing hospital gowns and only going to the nurse’s station. In the end, he posts the flawless portraits on Instagram.

Check out his full story now.

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