3 Things Cancer Patients Never Want to Hear

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Navigating cancer is tough, and it’s even tougher dealing with people who don’t know what to say. Yes, they obviously mean well and want us to feel better, but the wrong thing can come out like word vomit—and there’s only so many times you can smile politely and nod.

We’re all for being gracious, but cancer is not the time for platitudes or cringe-worthy pep talks. If we wanted pats on the back we’d join a basketball team… but we literally can’t right now. How about, since we didn’t choose to be here, you talk to us like people? Like real human beings.

We’re not alone in the struggle and our friends at I Had Cancer have compiled a list of what never to say to a cancer patient. We simply couldn’t agree more and had to share.

Numero uno is the eye roll inducing “Oh, they caught it early, so it’s the good kind! You’ll be fine.” No, just no.

Check out the rest of the list here.

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