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Many people know their entire lives they were called to be, for example, doctors, pilots or CEO’s. Not me. I remember the defining moment clearly. “You make me feel safe”, said a young girl I once took care of after school while her mother worked.

My life’s passion found me when I discovered the intense satisfaction of providing a child an emotional sanctuary in which they could grow into their full potential. The previously mentioned revelation has led me to completing my BA at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, as well as my masters at the University of Southern California.

It is through my work as an educator and psychotherapist that I continue to provide positive contributions to young people and their families providing them with tools and support to succeed beyond the classroom and throughout life. Being able to spend time gaining an understanding about teens with cancer and their experience has been life changing. The teens that we serve have taught me the true essence of strength, perseverance, resilience and the power of laughter. I am humbled and beyond grateful opportunity to advocate for such powerful young people.

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