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I left Montreal for New York at the age of 16 to act – and did. After a number of years as an actress, achieving modest success, I became an agent, and eventually had the privilege of representing some very talented and successful clients in both film and music. Through one of my clients, Alicia Keys, I was introduced to Keep A Child Alive, which has as it’s mission, saving the lives of children with AIDS in Africa, and have been on the board for many years. Thinking I was already busy, I was almost dragged into High School Yearbook by its founder, who happens to be my husband – and how glad I am for that. I knew it in Houston when I interviewed my first two young people with cancer – Carolina Gonzales and Taylor Anne Nichols – and I fell in love. They were exceptional people – wise, insightful, appreciative, and very human.

I learned so much from them, and wanted more time than I had. I don’t have to be dragged anymore. I love being able to make a difference for these young people – and am grateful for their generous sharing of themselves with me.

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